Anilao we have visited for the Critters, it was good diving yet it still needs to recover from hurricane damage.

Bohol surprised us with very beautiful and healthy reefs all along the cost, definitely a place to go on the "do it again" list. The dive guides have been exceptional and so we had the pleasure of encounters "seen the first time" again.

Dauin was good critter diving, some dive site in the best shape the probably could be and also here some new Nudis we have never seen before - Shaun the Sheep! Worth to highlight the number and variety of Frogfish all around Dauin, but also around all Visayas.

Malapascua  was a little bit of disappointment compared to 2017, very bad visibility around the island dive sites and so we escaped to Calangaman and Captain Castillo - two very nice day trips.

The tour on Philippine Siren was a little bit affected by stormy and rainy weather, yet the diving was still great. Very special to dive with the with the whale sharks at Oslop. My other personal highlight has been Balicsaq with the beautiful reefs and more so the friendly and photogenic turtles.

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