Anilao to Coron

Anilao to Coron on the Philippine Siren - a tour supposed to have it all.Critters and muck around Anilao, stunning reefs around Apo Reef and the historical wracks in Coron.

And yes, the area showed it all and once more surprised us with a rich under water world at it´s best. Weather conditions and some problems with the vessel didn´t allow to do all that was promised but that´s how it is when you go diving - things change.

For us critter and muck lovers Anilao we definitly a high light. Muck diving at it´s best. We could have stayed longer but not everybody likes muck diving as we do :-)

We wish we had some more dives around Apo Reef, real good reef dving but too soon we moved over to Busuanga and ended the trip Coron.


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