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Philippines, 2012

It has been quite a while since we have  been to the Philippines. For me that´s where it all started with diving and the passion about this exiting and relaxing underwater world.

We inteded to explore new areas where we hadn´t been before.

The very north of Negros, Malapascua, famous for it´s treasure sharks was our first stop. We learned that there is more to it than just treasure sharks and marked it as a place to come back. Then we moved all the way south to Sijior, the Island of the witches for a bit of relaxation and an interesting tour all around this small Island.

On the Atlantis Azores we travelled and dove central visayas - including a not to miss landtour on Bohol to visit the tasirs. After a short new year break back at Siquior the last part of our journey was promising - from Anilao to Coron with the Philippine Siren.

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